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eKey, support DES, 3DES algorithms

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koppelvlak USB: 1.0/2.0 volspoed
kriptografiese algoritmes: DES / 3DES
Flash Memory: U skyf + flits (128/256M)/ COS chip (8-16K)
Standard: T = 0
sekuriteit kenmerke: ondersteuning PIN bevestiging, eksterne verifikasie, internal authentication
Plug times: 20000 keer (na gelang van die betroubaarheid van die USB fisiese struktuur)
status dui: dubbel kleur LED, instruksies krag of kommunikasie status, user control buzzer
Werkstemperatuur: -20℃~+60℃
dimensie: 60(L)x 18(W)x 8(H) mm
GW/NW: 30g/10g
OperatingSystem Support: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows 7. Customizable Unix or Linux
Tegniese ondersteuning: Free SDK

HS-T3 Security USB-KEY, it is also called an electronic key or an electronic token, is a new generation of secure mobile devices launched by Shenzhen Seabreeze Smart Card Co., Ltd, It sets functions of memory flash drive and intelligent electronic key in one. Adopted USB1.0/2.0 technology, COS system, meets ISO7816 protocol standards, built-in high-capacity Flash chip that can save the maximum 128M bytes data, large memory capacity, driverless, easy operating, and highly secure device.
HS-T3 intelligence eKey is smart card and USB interface technology in the integration of safety equipment. It with certificate of digital signature, data encryption and storage, and other functions, is a very good client information in modern computer network security products, establish a system for the safety of the platform to provide fast, safe client solutions.

SeabreezeRFID also offers customization in casing color, company logo, packing, ens.
HS-T3 Security USB-KEY Series is wildly used in various field, such as in network security, software lock, digital signature, the client bonus scheme, PKI authentication, online banking, information security, identifikasie, remote access control, encrypted e-commerce, encrypted e-government, e-business and e-transactions, remote electronic voting, ens.

Tipiese toepassing
E-regering, E-bank, E-betaling
E-healthcarenetwork security
Log in control, software encription

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