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Mifare IC Kadhi Block Encrypt Munyori, ISO14443 TypeA&B,ISO15693, Mifare IC Kadhi Sector Encrypt Munyori

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Product model: SJM1454

Supports ISO14443 TypeA/B, TypeF, ISO15693, Felica, UID, NDEF, Master KeyA and Master KeyB.

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Main technical parameters
Kushanda frequency: 13.56MHz
Support card: Mifare 1K S50, Mifare 4K S70, FM11RF08, FM1208 and its compatible smart card
Support Protocol: ISO14443 TypeA/B
Verenga Range: 30~80mm (different depending on antenna, antenna integration reader distance of about 6.5cm)
Card transfer rate: 848kbit/s
Interface: UART, Ini2C, RS232, Wiegand, RS485, custom SPI
Magetsi: +5V for antenna integration
Average current: 70mA/DC 5V
Production Process: use of surface mount technology
Kuchengetedza tembiricha: -40℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Kushanda tembiricha: -30℃~+70℃
Saizi: 140x110x28mm
Kurema: 120g

SJM-1454 model Mifare IC Card Block Encrypt Writer series encapsulates the complex ISO14443 protocol and read / write card-related operations. All read and write operations on the MF1 card become a few simple instructions. Users do not need to understand the complex ISO14443 protocol, only need to understand the structure of the card used by a simple instruction to operate the card reader, which consists of all the complex operation of the MCU card reader to complete.
The IC Card Block Encrypt Writer is widely used in non-contact smart water meters, power meters, gas meters, electronic door locks, traffic One Card Solutions reader, desktop card reader, access attendance card reader, car electronic induction lock supporting, office / shopping malls / Safety control box, a variety of security systems and production process control.
The KeyB of this device is reserved for system solution developers to set up the one-card-one-password function, please contact us for specific usage.

Product features
Module is simple, nyore kushandisa, inodhura-inoshanda;
Using NXP highly integrated reader chip;
Supports Mifare 1K S50 / Mifare 4K S70, FM1208 and their compatible family of contactless smart cards, supports reading and writing sectors, Master KeyA and Master KeyB;
Support TypeA, TypeB, ISO15693, TypeF, QR protocol;
Support TypeA protocol IC card, Mifare 1K/4K and Ultralight and NTAG series tag, and ISO15693 protocol I Code tag, ISO18092 protocol Felica tag nanaco account;
Read and write card distance (up to 50~80mm depending on the application);
According to need, choose SPI, I2C, UART, RS232, RS485 or Wiegand interface to connect with any MCU;
When using the UART interface, with automatic baud detection, when with 232 level conversion can be directly connected with the computer;
Choose 5V power supply, low power consumption
With control line and controllable buzzer signal output, optional onboard LED and buzzer;
Can read and write module EEPROM, with password loading function;
Support automatic detection card function, no need to send frequently on the host computer to find card instructions;
Provide C51 function library for secondary development.


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