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modél produk: ST5060

Can be specified ISO 14443 TypeA or ISO 15693 protocol.

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parameter utama
protokol komunikasi: ISO 14443 TypeA / ISO 15693
frékuénsi gawe: 13.56MHz
panganteur RF: Sakola tinggi
impedansi anteneu: 50Oh
kakuatan rojongan maksimum: 4W
jarak rujukan (Max): 65cm
ukuran: 500× 600mm
panjangna feeder: 2.5m
hawa operasi: -25° C ~ + 85 ° C
bahan perumahan: PVC

The RFID high-frequency carpet antenna is mainly designed for the intelligent store identification system such as the shoe clothing industry. It supports medium-power and high-power readers of multiple companies. It can be used in conjunction with readers to read electronic tags. The data information on the data is collected to realize the data collection method, the data collection method is accurate, and the data analysis is more comprehensive. Can be widely used in smart stores and hospitals. Salaku conto, in the shoe-wear industry, the carpet antenna is used to collect the customer's try-on data, and the data is transmitted to the brand merchant through the reader and PC data, so that the brand merchant can provide specific reference data for product design and product production, and at the same time, it can be more precise promotion; in the smart store, the data of the goods can be collected by combining the carpet antennas and pushed to the user for reference.

Fitur utami
Work around the clock, multi-tag batch read
Fast reading and writing speed, high accuracy, high data security and easy to use
Resistant to stepping on


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