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NTAG 424 DNA Anti-pemalsuan Stiker Énkripsi Anti maling, NTAG 424 TT Tamper Bukti Anti-maling Label Énkripsi

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modél produk: HB742

The salient features of NTAG424 TT: anti-tampering and identity verification functions.

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parameter teknis Utama
meulah: NTAG 424 DNA/NTAG 424 TT
prekuensi: 13.56MHz
protokol komunikasi: ISO 14443 TypeA
kali Erasable: 100,000 kali
hirup Service: 10 taun
hawa gawe: -20° C ~ + 50 ° C
ukuran anteneu: diaméterna 23mm (kalawan buntut leutik), specifications can be customized
material: kertas dilapis, PVC, pepet, ABS, PC can be customized
Special process: percetakan offset opat warna, sablon sutra, angka padeukeut, Konci QR, jsb.

NTAG 424 DNA is a label chip with advanced security and privacy that sets a new standard for secure NFC and IoT applications. The next generation of chips provides advanced security and privacy protection on attack-resistant certified chips.
The NTAG 424 DNA architecture is designed to provide AES-128 encryption, provide new SUN authentication mechanisms every time read through NFC-enabled mobile devices, and protect sensitive data with secure encrypted access. This enables advanced product and content protection, as well as a secure and unique user experience in real time.
Once the NFC tag seal on the tag or container is broken, the NTAG 424 DNA tag tampering provides consumer information related to state awareness, further expanding functionality and facilitating more customization services.

Tamper Tag Use Cases
Typically, the NTAG 424 TT tags are used the detect the opening of packaging. This can either be in the cap/lid of a bottle so that as it the cap is twisted, the tamper loop is broken. However, tamper tags can also be used for single use ticketing or vouchers.

Application field
High-end products are anti-counterfeiting, tamper-buktina, and anti-counterfeiting without the need to connect to the Web. Famous brands, luxury goods, jewelry, cosmetics, wine, famous paintings and antiques.

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