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Implantable RFID Animal Tag Syringe, Girazi Tube Bio-electronic Tag Syringe

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Product model: BG343

Comply with ICAR and ISO11784/ISO11785 FDX-B animal identification international standard.
Validity: 5 makore.

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Technical Parameters
Support frequency: 125KHz/134.2KHz
Protocol zviyero: ISO11785, ISO 11784/FDX-B
Chip size: 1.4×8mm, 2.12×8mm, 2.12× 12mm, 3× 15mm, 4×32mm
Syringe size: 120×45mm
Packing size: 200×80mm
Kurema: 8.5 grams
Package visible information: disinfection date, effective date of use, 15-digit code (represented in bar code)
Enclosure material: interior: lead-free and non-toxic materials, exterior: bioglass
Packaging material: medical breathable paper; disinfection method: EO (ethylene oxide) disinfection
Validity: 5 makore
Kuisa nzira: implant

The glass tube bio-electronic tag syringe is suitable for the identification of pet, working dogs, fish and animal husbandry. The glass tube electronic labels are divided into two types: read-only and readable and writable. The production adopts biochemical medical materials and processes, and fully complies with ICAR and ISO11784/ISO11785 FDX-B international standards. It has been widely used at home and abroad to carry out all-round management of the whole process of animal growth. The unique ID number of this electronic tag can be read as long as the reader antenna is near the animal implantation site.
The syringe is treated with an advanced process of silicidation, and the needle tip is easy to puncture, which reduces the pain during puncture. The needle tube is assembled using an imported automated assembly machine.

Small size, light weight, and easy to inject/implant. The syringe uses a 100% laser leak detection system
The airtightness is ensured, the wall is clear and transparent, and it is easy to read and observe
Ethylene oxide sterilization, the sterilization process is fully computer controlled, leaving no dead ends

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