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134.2KHz uMniki weTag yeZilwanyana kwiDesktop, ISO11784 / 11785, FDX-A/FDX-B iProtokholi Animal Tag Reader

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Imodeli yemveliso: RBT-1342D

Very simple and convenient Read/Write operating software.

  • Ukucaciswa
  • KHz Animal ID Tag Reader

Technical Parameters
Rhoqo: 125KHz/134.2KHz
Ujongano: USB to serial port, baud rate support 9600~115200
Decoding method: Manchester RF/64, Manchester RF/32, Bi-phase RF/32
Function support: Support EM4305 chip read and write operation, provide dedicated operation interface for setting EM4305 card to 125KHz ID card (EM4102) or FDX-B (ISO 11784/ISO11785) animal tag
Power: USB powered
Umgama wokufunda: 0~6cm
Status indication: 2-color LED indication, power red, reader green
Operating temperature: -10℃~+70℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~+80℃
Relative humidity: 0~95%
Ubungakanani: 110×80×26mm or 105×70×12mm
Umbala: Black

RBT-1342D is a member of Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd's 125KHz/134.2KHz low frequency tag reader. It is mainly used for animal tag manufacturers and end users to issue and test animal tags. Product circuits are rigorously optimized and tested to make performance more stable. High-quality program algorithms allow products to run efficiently and quickly complete the operations customers need. Using the USB data cable avoids the situation that the device does not support the serial port. Ngaxeshanye, the stable power supply of USB makes the system more secure.

Main function
Widely used in animal identification, ulawulo lofikelelo, KHz Animal ID Tag Reader, hotels/Internet cafes/gyms, njl.
Can read and write EM4305 chip card
The EM4305 card can be set to an ID card in the EM4100 format, and the ID number is entered by the user himself or herself. Ngoko ke, it is possible to perform a legal copy card function, which can be used in the regular production of the RF smart card factory
The EM4305 card can be set to an animal tag in the FDX-B (KHz Animal ID Tag Reader) format, and the desired number can be entered by the user himself. Ngoko ke, it is possible to perform a legal copy tag function, which can be used in the regular production of the animal tag factory.
Provides reading and writing software under Windows, and provides a dynamic link library for secondary development.

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