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FM1208-9 Chip Anti salinan Card Aksés, FM1208-10 Chip Anti salinan CPU Kampus Card, FM1208-9 Chip cos Card Aksés

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modél produk: HC809

Possible options: FM1208-9 chip or FM1208-10 chip, can be packaged to: white card, printed color card, specified appearance shape card, Crystal Epoxy material tag, keychain or wristband.

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parameter Téknis Utama
chip IC: FM1208-9 / FM1208-10
ingetan: pinuh 8k CPU / 7k CPU + 1k Mifare1
prekuensi: 13.56MHz
standar Protocol: IEC / ISO 14443 TypeA
speed komunikasi: 106Kboud
jarak bacaan: 5~ 10cm
Sunda / W waktos: 1~ 2ms
hawa gawe: -20° C ~ + 85 ° C
kakuatan keur nahan: >100,000 kali
ingetan data: >10 taun
ukuran: CR80 85,5 × 54 × 0.80mm atawa ukuranana non-standar tag
bahan: PVC, pepet, PETG, ABS, Polycarbonate, keretas, 0.13kawat mm Tambaga
proses produksi: garis otomatis tutuwuhan ultrasonic, las otomatis

With the development of RFID and the advancement of production technology, the cost of the CPU card is further reduced, and it can be used more widely. The Mifare1 card of ISO 14443 TypeA is currently easily copied on the market. The CPU cards have the advantage of not being able to crack and clone data. The CPU card can be applied to many fields such as finance, and has the characteristics of large user space, fast reading speed, and support for one card multipurpose. The CPU card is different from the ordinary IC card and RF card in terms of appearance, but the performance is greatly improved, and the security is much higher than that of the ordinary IC card. Usually, the CPU card contains a random number generator, hardware DES, 3DES encryption algorithm. jeung sajabana, with the operating system, the on-chip OS, also known as COS, can achieve a financial level of security. Ku sabab kitu, low-cost CPU cards have become the first choice for access control and prepaid cards. The FM1208-9 and FM1208-10 chip cards are the most widely used CPU chips on the market. They can be widely used in access control, elevator control, idéntifikasi, AIDC, campus card, water card, prepaid card, jsb. , has the advantage of low cost and easy operation.

Main applications
Bus cards
AIDC project
Prepaid cards
Campus cards
Water cards
One Card Solutions
Access control cards
Elevator control

pencitakan: Percetakan offset, Percetakan tinta Patone, Spot-warna percetakan, Nyetak Silkscreen, Percetakan termal, Percetakan tinta-jet, Percetakan digital.
Fitur kaamanan: Watermark, Laser ablasi, Hologram / OVD, Tinta UV, Mangrup Variabel optik, Barkod disumputkeun / Barcode mask, Dipeunteun Pelangi, Téks mikro, Guilloche, Hot stamping.
Anu sanésna: IC chip data initialization / Énkripsi, Data Variabel, Garis magnét anu diprogram, Panel tandatangan, Kodeu barkod, Nomer séri, Embossing, Kodeu DOD, Kode cembung NBS, Paeh-teukteukan.

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